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Weak acid and acid dyes
NoProduct nameColor Index (CI)Strength(%)Price(Yuan/kg)
1Acid blue NBRACID BLUE 41200%
2Acid blue HRLACID BLUE 182200%
3Weak acid brilliant blue RACID BLUE 62200%
4Acid blue RSACID BLUE 25200%
5Weak acid brilliant blue RAWLACID BLUE 80150%
6Acid dark blue RACID BLUE 92100%
7Weak cid dark blue 5RACID BLUE 113120%
8Acid brilliant blue RLACID BLUE 260200%
9Neutral dark blue MTRACID BLUE 193100%
10Neutral turquoise blue GACID BLUE 185100%
11Neutral blue HCACID BLUE 317200%
12Acid blue AFNACID BLUE 264200%
13Acid turquoise blue 5GMACID BLUE 142200%
14Acid blue BRLLACID BLUE 324200%
15Acid blue FCFACID BLUE 9200%
16Acid blue A2GACID BLUE 40200%
17Acid blue ASACID BLUE 45200%
18Weak acid brilliant blue 6BACID BLUE 83350%
19Weak acid dark blue GRACID BLUE 120140%
20Acid brilliant blue P-RACID BLUE 129200%
21Acid blue N-B LNACID BLUE 350200%
22Acid light yellow 2GACID YELLOW 17100%
23Acid golden yellow GACID YELLOW 36100%
24Acid yellow MRACID YELLOW42150%
25Acid light yellow 6GSACID YELLOW44125%
26Acid yellow GRACID YELLOW49200%
27Acid yellow 3R LACID YELLOW67200%
28Acid yellow 3RACID YELLOW73200%
29Acid yellow GR LACID YELLOW116200%
30Weak acid light yellow GACID YELLOW117150%
31Neutral dark yellowGLACID YELLOW 128200%
32Neutral yellow LNWACID YELLOW 151200%
33Acid fluorescein 8GACID YELLOW 184200%
34Acid yellow A4RACID YELLOW 199200%
35Acid yellow 4RACID YELLOW 219200%
36Acid yellow H-2GACID YELLOW 220200%
37Acid yellow H-5GACID YELLOW 235200%
38Acid orange IIACID ORANGE 7100%
39Acid orange HCACID ORANGE 10100%
40Acid orange GSACID ORANGE33150%
41Acid orange G5NACID ORANGE95150%
42Acid brilliant scarlet GACID RED1100%
43Acid rose red BACID RED52400%
44Acid brilliant scarlet GRACID RED73100%
45Acid brilliant scarlet AACID RED88100%
46Acid brilliant scarlet 2GACID RED97150%
47Acid brilliant scarlet 3GLACID RED111130%
48Acid brilliant scarlet GRSACID RED114200%
49Acid red brown VACID RED119150%
50Acid red HCACID RED122100%
51Acid red 3BNACID RED131200%
52Acid pink BSACID RED138100%
53Weak acid brilliant red BACID RED249125%
54Acid violet redBBACID RED154100%
55Acid red MACID RED266200%
56Acid rubineN-5BLACID RED299200%
57Neutral red H-GACID RED315200%
58Acid red MF-2BLACID RED336200%
59Acid red FRLLACID RED337200%
60Acid red 2BACID RED361200%
61Acid scarlet red FGACID RED374150%
62Neutral bordeaux H-BACID RED405200%
63Neutral red H-CACID RED407200%
64Acid violet 4BNSACIDVIOLET17180%
65Acid violet FBNACID VIOLET48180%
66Weak acid brilliant red 10BACID VIOLET54140%
67Neutral violet MBACID VIOLET90100%
68Acid green VSACIDVIOLET16200%
69Acid green DSACID VIOLET20200%
70Weak acid green GSACID VIOLET25160%
71Acid olive greenACID VIOLET73200%
72Acid brown RACID BROWN 4200%
73Acid brown 14ACID BROWN14100%
74Acid brown 75ACID BROWN75100%
75Acid brown 165ACID BROWN165100%
76Acid brown 97ACID BROWN97100%
77Acid brown 98ACID BROWN98100%
78Acid brown 161ACID BROWN161100%
79Acid brown 282ACID BROWN282200%
80Acid brown 289ACID BROWN289200%
81Acid brown 348ACID BROWN348100%
82Acid brown 349ACID BROWN349100%
83Acid brown 355ACID BROWN355300%
84Acid black 10BACID BLACK1100%
85Weak acid black BRACID BLACK24150%
86Acid black VLGACID BLACK26200%
87Neutral black WANACID BLACK52150%
88Neutral grey 2BLACID BLACK60150%
89Neutral black HACID BLACK107200%
90Neutral black BLACID B LACK168100%
91Neutral black LDACID BLACK172140%
92Neutral black DNACID BLACK194140%
93Acid black NSACID B LACK210180%
94Acid black NBACID BLACK234200%
95Acid black ACEACID BLACK ACE120%
Acid mordant dyes and direct dyes
NoProduct nameColor Index (CI)Strength(%)Price(Yuan/kg)
1Acid mordant dark yellow GGMORDANT YELLOW 10100%
2Acid mordant orange RMORDANT ORANNGE 1100%
3Acid mordant red S-80MORDANT RED 3100%
4Acid mordant red BMORDANT RED 7100%
5Acid mordant red PEMORDANT RED 9100%
6Acid mordant pink 3BMMORDANT RED 15100%
7Acid mordant blue BMORDANT BLUE1100%
8Acid mordant blue RRLMORDANT BLUE 9150%
9Acid mordant dark blue RRNMORDANT BLUE RRN100%
10Acid mordant green EMORDANT GREEN17100%
11Acid mordant brown KEMORDANT BROWN15100%
12Acid mordant brown RHMORDANT BROWN33100%
13Acid mordant black PVMORDANT BLACK 9200%
14Acid mordant black TMORDANT BLACK 11100%
15Acid mordant black RMORDANT BLACK 17100%
16Acid mordant grey BSMORDANT GREY 13100%
17Direct violet 9Direct Violet 9150%
18Direct violet 35Direct Violet 35150%
19Direct violet BBDirect Violet 51200%
20Direct grey DDirect Black 17100%
Dye intermediates
NoProduct nameCAS NO.SpecificationPrice
1Para Cresidine120-71-898.5%
2Para-Cresidine Sulfonic Acid6471-78-980%
3N-Acetoacetcresidine sulfonic acid sodium salt133167-77-890%
42-amino-3,5-xylenesulphonic acid88-22-290%
5p-[(4-amino-5-methoxy-o-tolyl)azo]benzenesulphonic acid40947-69-160%
63-aminonaphthalene-1,5-disulphonic acid131-27-150%
7Para Cresidine--2,4–dimethylsulfonic acid coupling agent60%
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