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Jiangsu Wuzhong 600 million acquisition of assets dye intermediates


Jiangsu Wuzhong today announced the company intends to Bi Hongfen, Bi Wing Sing, Panpei Hua issue of shares and payment of cash to buy their holdings of Xiangshui Henglida 100% equity, the transaction price of the underlying asset is determined as 600 million yuan, of which the issue of shares to pay 400 million yuan, cash 200 million yuan; the same time to raise less than ten specific investors matching funds used to pay cash for the transaction price and the agency fee, Xiangshui Henglida two projects to supplement working capital Xiangshui Henglida etc. .

The issue of shares to buy assets of the issue price of 22.07 yuan / share, to raise matching funds issue price of 21.97 yuan / share.

According to reports, the sound of water Henglida belongs dye intermediates industry has good prospects for the development of their own with strong profitability. Counterparty commitments Xiangshui Henglida 2016 year 2017 year 2018 consolidated net profit in the year to achieve after deducting non-recurring gains and losses attributable to equity holders of not less than 78 million yuan, respectively, 89.7 million yuan and 103.15 million yuan.

The company said the move will achieve strategic transformation, the formation of pharmaceutical and chemical wheel drive situation, size, profitability and risk-resisting ability of the company's assets will be effectively promoted. About pharmaceutical business, the listed company will focus on promoting the "three priorities", including the cultivation of key strategic areas of product group, three strategic markets deep plowing, the implementation of three key sub-strategies (product development, marketing and business), and in therapeutic areas, anti-tumor, immune regulation, and other digestive gain a competitive advantage. About dye intermediates chemical business, the listed company will continue the subject of the company's business development ideas, R & D, production and other resources to focus on their strengths varieties, gain a competitive advantage in the market in these varieties, business objective is to become the country with outstanding competition advantages of dyes and intermediates business.


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